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Released: April 1, 2014 San Antonio, Texas

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(April 2, 2014)  Biogenics Research Chamber, a unique allergy testing facility in San Antonio, Texas, has completed a 5,400 square foot expansion. The expansion includes a large allergen exposure chamber, a specialty chamber for eye and nasal studies, eye examination rooms, a laboratory and an administrative wing. The research facility now has two large chambers for testing of 52 subjects each, a medium-sized chamber for testing up to 32 subjects at a time and the specialty chamber which will accommodate up to 16 subjects. All 4 chambers utilize clean room air flow technology with complete electrical back-up by generator. The expansion enhances capacity for simultaneous testing of large numbers of participants, while broadening therapeutic testing capabilities.

Biogenics Research Chamber, the only large permanent allergen exposure chamber in the United States, opened 4 years ago in the Medical Center of San Antonio. Projects have included pharmaceutical and vaccine trials and scientific studies investigating the basic mechanisms and genetics of allergic disorders. The expansion is engineered to challenge with seasonal pollens as well as year-round allergy-provoking agents including dust mites and cat dander. The specialty chamber is designed for testing of novel agents for non-allergic eye and respiratory conditions.

About the Company:

Dr. Robert L. Jacobs, Dr. Daniel A. Ramirez and Dr. Charles P. Andrews are the owners and Principal Investigators of the Biogenics Research Chamber located in San Antonio, Texas. The facility has challenge chambers designed to conduct allergic and non-allergic exposure studies in a controlled environment that utilizes clean room technology. The facility has been validated for 4 pollens and for dust mites. Proof of concept, dose-ranging, and onset of action studies are performed for pharmaceutical and vaccine trials. Academic studies are performed to discover the basic immunologic mechanisms associated with allergic disorders. For companies investigating new products, the chambers offer the advantage of concentrating project resources with the potential to shorten medication and vaccine development times.