Research Chamber Diagram - AHU-3
Biogenics Research Chamber has four individual and separate chambers that are unique among the existing allergy exposure chambers worldwide.  Using advanced state of the art engineering and clean room technology, allergens are distributed uniformly through each chamber utilizing a custom distribution system to achieve required pollen density and uniformity.

  • 2 Large chambers seat up to 52 subjects each
  • 1 Medium chamber seats up to 32 subjects
  • 1 Small chamber seats up to 16 subjects
  • 2 Slit lamp rooms to accomodate complex ocular studies
  • No fixed furnishings – chambers are designed to protocol specifications
  • Single-pass HVAC system
  • Environmental conditions within the chambers continually monitored for temperature and humidity
  • Full capacity electrical generator assures uninterrupted power
  • Pollen counts monitored and verified throughout exposure